Ways to use Slate Tiles in your Home and Garden

As a result of its unique look and practical qualities, slate tiles have become a sought after option for home interiors. It is used in many parts of the home, on both walls and floors, offering a rustic character and durable covering. Slate is also more affordable than other varieties of natural stone like marble and granite. If you are choosing slate tiles for your home you have plenty of choice when it comes to formats, sizes and styles. In terms of format, both square and rectangular slate tiles are available. When it comes to sizes, slate can be available in a large 600x600mm size and also a smaller 300x300mm size. You can also choose slate mosaic tiles which can be used as backsplash or feature. The use of a specialist sealant during the installation process is often recommended for slate to avoid damage or staining from moisture. Sealant can also enhance the overall look of the tiles.

Slate Tiles for your Bathroom

Whether you’re looking to transform a standard bathroom, downstairs toilet or en suite, slate tiles may just be the perfect option. If you choose grey slate tiles then this colour is certainly well suited to modern bathrooms as it matches superbly with white fittings and clear glass shower screens. Rectangular slate floor tiles can be laid as part of a running bond pattern on floors in contemporary bathrooms. If you are looking for a stylish, textured wall feature then splitface slate effect tiles are an excellent choice. The look of splitface tiles can be emphasised further by ceiling spotlights. Bathrooms with a natural appearance certainly provide a wow factor that will amaze you guests.

Slate Tiles for your Kitchen

There are various ways in which you can incorporate slate tiles within your kitchen layout. Slate works extremely well with wood units and worktops as part of farmhouse style kitchens. Multi Slate tiles are the preferred choice when it comes to creating a traditional farmhouse style kitchen. Within this type of design, slate floor tiles can be complemented by brick slips or metro brick tiles in order to continue the rustic theme. In kitchens, the hardwearing nature of slate is ideal as a floor covering as this is a part of the home which can experience high levels of foot traffic, particularly if it is also used as a dining area. On floors, a running bond grey slate design can be emphasised by a lighter coloured grout.

Slate Hallway Tiles

Introduce a unique charm throughout your hallway with slate tiles. These natural stone tiles can be incorporated within a hallway interior as a floor covering. The rustic quality of slate can really wow your guests as they enter your home. A popular technique is to complement slate floor tiles with brick effect wallpaper in hallways. The natural riven finish of slate can provide a surface with a high level of slip resistance which is particularly sought after for hallway designs. This natural stone is perfect if you are looking to introduce an understated and classy feel. You can use slate effect porcelain tiles on floors in hallways and even create a warm surface with Electric Underfloor Heating. If you are lucky enough to have a porch then slate tiles are well suited to these areas too and will provide both a stylish and practical floor covering at the entrance to your home.

Slate Tiles for a Conservatory

Living Room with Slate

The versatility of slate means it can be used as either a wall or floor covering throughout a living room. On floors, slate can make a real statement. It is well suited to floors as part of an open plan design and can be complemented by other natural materials like wood and stone. On walls, natural slate tiles can be incorporated within a feature or as part of a fireplace surround. Splitface slate tiles have a textured surface and are also recommended if you are on the lookout for an eye-catching feature on living room walls. Once again, it is the classic running bond (brick style) slate arrangement which is best suited to living room floors. In living rooms you can protect the surface of slate tiles and also enhance the appearance by applying Impregnating Sealer. This sealer can be applied again at times when you feel the slate is beginning to lose its colour and also its resistant properties.

Slate Garden Tiles

With the combination of extreme strength and timeless neutral colours, it is no surprise that limestone has been used in the world of construction for many years. As a building material, not only has limestone been used as blocks in order to construct walls and foundations but is also a key component within concrete. Limestone is also crushed and used as a base for roads. It is the second most widely used building stone in the world and is particularly popular because of its soft nature and the ease at which it can be carved. The consistency of both the colour and texture of limestone are also big selling points when it comes to its use within the construction industry.


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