Mesh Stone Cladding

Stone Cladding on Mesh for Walls Floor

Our collection of crazy wall cladding is made of strong, captivating natural stones including quartz, slate, bluestone and sandstone. These are available in natural, sawn or smooth anti-slip finishes with thicknesses ranging from 12 to 50mm.

Crazy wall cladding is similar to natural stone and panel wall cladding, in that it’s a simple way of adorning an existing substrate or wall with natural stone pieces. It’s different in that these pieces are random, irregular shaped and very unique to one another. As no two stones are the same, the final result is a completely beautiful, natural looking, abstract feature wall. This can be installed any place where you want to highlight a modern look, like by your pool or at the entrance to your home. Our crazy wall cladding is constructed from the finest quartz, slate, bluestone and sandstone to ensure they’re not only beautiful, but also rugged and resistant and built to last.

On the other hand, if you are building your feature wall on a budget, or strict time frame, crazy paving stones adhered to a mesh backing may be the better option for you. As each stone interlocks with the surrounding tiles, it creates a seamless finish that is designed to help save time and make installation easier. Due to the interlocking cladding, you save time and installation costs that would be otherwise spent on cutting the stones to the right size. Essentially this crazy wall cladding can be easily glued onto a suitable substrate, sparing you the hassle, time and installation expertise that would have been required if using individual stones.