Natural Slate


Slate is a product with unmatchable technical properties that adapts to any project, always providing considerable added value.It gives any roof or facade an inimitable, timeless, unchanging appearance. Its elegance and personality confer a unique character.


Each slate is unique. Its texture tells us the story. Created by all the natural forces and made up of many different minerals. No other artificial alternatives could compare with a product which has been molded by nature for over 500 million years.
With a durability of over 100 years, slate is the most resistant material used for roofing. Natural slate is a metamorphic rock that, unlike artificial products, maintains its colour and properties unalterable through time, with no need of maintenance.
By being 100% natural, slate is the roofing material with less environmental impact. Each slate is handcrafted by our skilled splitting craftsmen with no chemical products or additional treatments added.
Slate is capable of enduring extreme temperatures, difficult snow formation, fire-resistance as well as being fully waterproof. Slate guarantees a perfect performance in any weather condition.
Slate has endured the test of time. Its unparalleled character and durability makes this material ideal to preserve the aesthetics appearance and personality of any architectural project.
The unbeatable material
Every single test carried out confirms that natural slate’s properties are unreachable for other materials. Its elegant appearance remains intact during its entire lifespan and its performance is unrivalled among the alternative roofing and façade products.