Rust color wall tiles

                    Material :Slate
                    Surface finish:Natural
                    Color :Multicolor
                    Suitable for: Exterior – wall cladding

                    Interior – wall cladding
                    Dimensions:10 x 36 cm
                    Thickness:1-2 cm

Benefits of Mini Wall Cladding Panels:
1. Light weight
2. Low thickness
3. Affordable price
4. Withstands freeze/thaw cycles
5. Ideal for interior/exterior cladding


Slate is a very popular material, not only for durability, but also for its natural beauty that lies in vibrating and unpredictable shades. Its colors range from light blue, shades of gray and yellow, to sallow tones – an infinite variation that leads to the diversity of patterns and shapes of the tiles.

slate panel, with 10 x 36 cm size, is defined by an eclectic color variation and a sophisticated finish. You can add a touch of style in any area by using this pattern of panels. Natural stone features are highlighted by a raw finish and the texture of slate. This type of slate can only be used for cladding, both interior and exterior projects. Inside the house, the panels can be installed on living room wall, or bedroom/kitchen/bathroom (wet spaces) wall or for cladding the fireplace. For the exterior of your house you can use it for fences, home bases or facades. Withstands fine the temperature variations and is very easy to maintain, both interior and exterior.