Garden Stepping Stones

You stand in the front or backyard and look at the garden.
Want a winding path through your front or back garden?
Maybe you want a winding path that leads to a fountain or door?
*Slate stepping stones

Slate is hard and wear-resistant. This makes them ideal for outdoor homes.

If you want to choose a low maintenance solution. Slate stepping stones are ideal.
It has high density and extremely low water absorption, making it difficult for dirt to penetrate and easy to clean and care for.

But if you want to add something extra and give life to the space, you can do so by adding garden pebbles or planting thorn plants between the steppers.


In a way, stepping stones are like garden gems, bringing a sense of tranquility to your outdoor landscape.
Personally, we think they look absolutely stunning.
All in all, stepping stones are a simple paving solution that can transform your outdoor space at a relatively low cost. Stepping stones can help guide your visitors around your property while protecting the surrounding grass by discouraging people from approaching!