Slate Paving

Slate floor paving stone is a kind of floor paving stone made of slate. It has the characteristics of simple, natural and rough shape. Slate paving stones are processed through cutting, grinding, polishing and other processes. They have excellent properties such as waterproofing, waterproofing, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance. Extensive evaluation of reference values for outdoor surfaces such as city squares, landscapes, sidewalks, courtyards, etc.
Slate floor paving stones come in a variety of colors and textures, allowing you to choose according to different needs and design styles. Its simple and natural appearance and sturdy performance make it the preferred floor covering material for high-end places.
In the field of garden landscaping, slate paving stones are widely used in European, American, Chinese and other styles of gardens. Its natural and sturdy appearance and strong and durable performance make it the first choice material for garden floor paving.
All in all, slate pavers are an attractive flooring stone. Its natural and simple appearance and strong performance make it an ideal material for outdoor floor paving in garden landscapes, city squares and other areas.