Ice Grey Sparkle Quartz Wall Tiles


Natural Stone
Quartz Wall Tiles is a natural stone whose colors resemble light marble, which is the quintessence of timeless elegance. Off-white, subtle gray and graphite blend well with each other, further emphasizing the three-dimensional structure of the tile.

Colour: White Grey
Material: Natural Stone
Finish:  Bumpy
Size (cm): 10cm x 36cm
Thickness (mm): 6mm
Suitability: Wall


  • Interlocking design so you can create a “seamless” join so the wall looks natural
  • White grey quartz giving a premium and sophisticated look, the quartz within the stone bounces the light giving a “sparkling” appearance – especially with accent lighting to really create a stunning backdrop
  • Can be used inside and outside (ensure the area is tanked if direct water contact is likely)
  • Suits modern and traditional schemes
  • Easy to install and quick -no specialist tools needed