Bluestone Kerbstone

Bluestone curb is a common garden landscape material, and its material, color, shape and specifications can be customized according to specific needs. Bluestone curbs generally have high compressive strength and can be used as roadside decoration and protective materials.

Natural and simple: The color and texture of bluestone curbs are very natural, simple and elegant, and can add a simple atmosphere to the garden landscape.
Strong durability: Bluestone curbs are hard, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. They can remain in good condition for a long time and do not require frequent maintenance and replacement.
Environmental protection and energy saving: Bluestone curb is a natural material that does not contain substances harmful to the human body and the environment. It also has good thermal insulation and thermal insulation properties and is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving material.
Easy to process: Bluestone curbs can be made into various shapes and specifications through cutting, grinding, drilling and other processing methods, making them easy to install and use.
Wide range of applications: bluestone curbs can be used in various occasions, such as parks, courtyards, streets, squares, etc., as trails, driveways, sidewalks, etc., and can also be used to make steps, railings, flower ponds and other garden sketches.

Bluestone curb stone has the advantages of natural simplicity, strong durability, environmental protection and energy saving, easy processing and wide application range. It is an excellent garden landscape material.