What are the advantages of using slate in the field of architectural decoration?

The application of slate in the field of architectural decoration has the following advantages:

Environmentally friendly and healthy: Slate is made of pure natural materials. The production process does not release any toxic or polluting substances. It can be easily crushed and recycled, and it fully follows the sustainable development of green environmental protection.
Fireproof and high temperature resistance: Slate is high temperature resistant and can be fired at high temperatures. It does not smoke, discolor, shrink, crack, or emit any gas or odor. Its performance has passed the A1 level fire protection standard.
Ultra-high hardness and scratch resistance: Slate has extremely high hardness, with Mohs hardness reaching 6. It is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. You can directly test the scratch with a steel knife and it is not easy to deform.
Flexible customization: Slate can be cut, drilled, polished and other deep processing like stone, so it can be widely used in various customized home fields.
Good light transmittance: Slate has few impurities, small particles, and few additives during the production and processing process. It also has a certain light transmittance. Its diffuse light transmittance can reach 2.5%. It is used for building curtain walls, stairs, background walls, etc. The interior design provides more space.
Durable: Slate is a durable material that can be used for a variety of outdoor and indoor decorations, such as floors, exterior walls, background walls, etc., and its color and texture can also be maintained for a long time.
Beautiful and elegant: Slate has natural and beautiful textures and elegant colors, which can enhance the quality and atmosphere of interior decoration.
To sum up, the application of slate in the field of architectural decoration has many advantages, including environmental protection and health, fire resistance and high temperature resistance, high hardness and scratch resistance, flexible customization, good light transmittance, durability and beauty and elegance.


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