Loose Crazy Stone Cladding

Approximate Size: 100mm (H) x- 150mm (L) x 20-40mm thick and 150mm (H) – 200mm (L) x 20-40mm thick

Split Sides, Sawn Back for easy installation
Random Sizes for Natural Appearance
Pre-Shaped Corners
Matching Capping
Can be Dry Stacked or Grouted
Ideal for Retaining Walls, Feature Walls, Facades and Fireplaces

Stone Cladding is a Quartzite natural stone with a combination of naturally occurring cool greys, blue hues and rusted yellow tones. As such, Stone Wall Cladding adds a sense of warmth to your wall that is not commonly found in grey toned stones. So if you are looking to dress your wall or substrate with an organic natural stone that still keeps true to your contemporary modern design and has a welcoming presence, this is an ideal choice! You can also either choose a “Dry Stack” or “Dry Stone Cladding”: so either choose to fill the gaps between the stones with grout, or not