What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Slate Stone?


As a decorative material, slate is very durable and can be used in many areas.

Slate is a rock with a plate-like structure and basically no recrystallization. It is a metamorphic rock. The original rock is muddy, silty or neutral tuff, which can be peeled off into thin slices along the layered direction. The color of slate varies depending on the impurities it contains.

1.Impact Resistance: Good waterproof performance and easy to clean. 1. The texture of slate is very hard.
2. The colors of slate are not just gray and black. It comes in a range of subtle colors to match different decorating styles.
3. Slate is ideal for installation in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and porches.


1. Compared with other flooring materials, slate flooring is more expensive
2. The texture of slate is cold and hard.
3. If highly polished, the texture will be slippery.
4. It does not absorb sound well compared to other materials