Stacked Stone Wall Cladding

Stacked Stone is a stone veneer with a beautiful variety of creams, ochres and olive colours throughout it. Exceptionally easy on the eyes, Benjamin Stacked Stone will brighten whichever wall or space you choose transform. As installation is quick and easy, stacked stone cladding is a cost-effective way to dress any wall. Our Stacked Stone panels are straight panels in a convenient size of 600x150mm. These can be simply glued onto the wall like tiles. Benjamin Quartz Stacked Stone’s multicolour features which makes it a great addition to columns and piers, front entrance-ways and pool feature walls.


  • 600x150x20-30mm thick size
  • Stone pieces are natural Quartz
  • Time effective installation
  • Ideal for retaining walls, feature walls, facades, pillars and fireplaces