Add Texture to Your Home with Stacked Stones

Introducing: stacked stones!

Firstly, unlike traditional natural stone, stacked stones are not as heavy and are available in a range of textures, colours and shapes. Though they are put together in what appears very intricate structures, compared to traditional stone walls, they are also very easy to install.

When it comes to installing stacked stones in your house, you are only limited by your imagination. Stacked stones suit both traditional and contemporary designs and their 3D textures are excellent for transforming dull, flat walls into vibrant and earthy features. Additionally, if you can use stacked stones to make a part of your home decor the focal point. Some places that come to mind are around the chimney stack or by framing your home’s doorway entrance. In both cases, you actually do not need a lot of stacked stones to achieve the required look. You can, of course, use more stacked stones to give your fireplace a rustic feel or to create a feature wall in your home.

Alternatively, you can install stacked stones outdoors and turn those basic block walls into stunning water features or feature walls. If you love of waterfalls and cliffs, you can easily replicate them in the comfort of your own home using stacked stones and create a mini natural escape/oasis. And if you are in the process of selling your home, use stacked stones to add an instant curb appeal to your property or cover up any exisiting walls that look a bit worse for wear. It’s a maximum return, low investment renovation idea.

Stacked stone for living areas

Far from being consigned for sprucing up fireplaces, the attractive ruggedness of stacked stones can be used to bring life to all the rooms in your home. From the entrance hall to the bedroom, stacked stones will transform any flat, boring and one dimensional walls into interesting textural features. Since they are available in a wide variety of colours and tones, you can use stacked stones to add light into a dark area or to add warmth and cosiness to large spaces. In saying that, we suggest using stacked stones in moderation, as they can add heaviness and overwhelm a small space. Here the axiom: ‘less is more’, definitely applies, so use stacked stones in spaces that can add interest to the space without drawing too much attention to it, such as the fireplace, a kitchen splash-back or a feature wall.

Stacked stone in the bedroom

The focal point of the bedroom is (this probably sounds obvious) the bed. Whether you choose to buy a simple frame and create interest with your choice of bed covers and pillows, or you prefer a more dramatic look with imposing headboards or a four poster effect, the bed is the one item that tends to dominate the room. Along with this, many homeowners choose to spruce up the bedroom by adding a feature wall behind the bed. Stacked stones are usually the ideal material for creating stunning feature walls that look both simple and natural enough to keep the bed as the focal point. If you feel that a full feature wall would be too much for your bedroom, a strip of stacked stone on either side of the bed is another way to give that earthy, beautiful touch to the room.

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