Usesage of Slate

1) Roof
Slate is mainly used in the construction industry. Slate is better than ordinary man-made covering materials, resisting moisture and wind, and has thermal insulation properties. Roof slates last for hundreds of years. MCM slate is safe, ecological and environmentally friendly.

2) Outdoor floors and exterior walls
The floors, interior floors and exterior walls are all slate. Slate flooring is often installed outdoors in hallways, basements and kitchens. Indoor slate flooring is durable, versatile, and beautiful. Homeowners can use slate flooring to transform indoor slate into an athlete’s environment. Indoor slate flooring can be polished slate or natural styles and colors. The colors are very rich, mainly composite gray, such as gray-yellow, gray-red, gray-black, gray-white, etc., with up to 256 collective colors. Outdoor slate flooring can be random slate or slate tiles. Random stone slabs can be in different shapes such as solitaires, trapezoids and parallelograms.


3) Landscaping
Slate is still resistant to weathering and staining and is often used in various residential and commercial landscaping projects. It is often used and used to decorate the perimeter of swimming pools, including exterior walls and even patios. Slate can also be used to create fountains, combining traditional and modern styles.


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