Slate floor tiles

Use slate paving 🥾 to create space that is both functional and beautiful. 😎

Slate is a natural stone material with unique textures and colors that make it ideal for paving and decorating. Using slate paving is not only beautiful, but it is also durable and able to stand the test of time.

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The stone’s texture, cracked surface and beautiful natural colors add a unique aesthetic to any setting, whether it’s a patio, pathway or pool area, creating a seamless blend of nature and design.

Explore color from the deep, rich tones of black slate to the natural warmth of rustic copper and the subtle tones of blue-black slate.

Slate panels are durable and weather-resistant, making them ideal for the unpredictable climate, ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor space for many years to come with minimal maintenance.



                                 ✅ Low Maintenance
                                 ✅ Naturally Riven Surface Texture
                                 ✅ Stunning Natural Colours
                                 ✅ Looks Great Wet & Dry

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